Sunday, 24 July 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above photograph taken this year in Rhyl. The question: By what name is the green patch usually known? You were looking for four words.

The answer: Tynewydd Road Playing Field(s).
Photographed by Fred Burns who was standing in Ffordd Anwyl. The green patch is earmarked for a scheme that would incorporate a Rhyl Rugby Club pitch to replace the one in Waen near St. Asaph. You can read the story in Daily Post:


Also I posted a picture of a plate on which words were hidden by rows of black dots. The question: What are the three missing words?
The answer: English Methodist Church.
Unofficially known as the Bath Street Methodist Church, the building still exists. Last I heard it was being used by a spiritualist church group. Here is an undoctored picture of the plate:

Scoring 1 win for Tynewydd and/or 1 win for English Methodist Church:
Sue Handley 2, Dilys Bagnall 1, The Great Gareth 2 [Gareth has reached 100 wins], Jane Shuttle 2 [not far behind].