Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The large pond and nature reserve on the former Brickworks site in Rhyl South West is a popular destination for walks and a pleasant place to while away a summer afternoon.

According to Denbighshire Countryside Services who look after the site, the name is Pwll y Brickfield or Brickfield Pond (the singular form) although people tend to say Brickfields (plural).

To fuel the confusion, both the singular form and plural are used on signs at the site. Oh, what’s in a name? Let’s settle for The Brickie.

Last month my pal Fred Burns the photographer popped over to there on my behalf and took a set of pictures which I have edited for my YouTube channel RhylTime.

To see shots from The Brickie in a slideshow please click here:

YouTube is a bit of a jumble. Only the videos marked RhylTime are mine.