Wednesday, 27 July 2016


The name of Blencathra School has cropped up several times in this blog. It was a private school for girls in Russell Road. But before that it was in a house named Moranedd in East Parade, most often remembered as the Grange Hotel (recently demolished - all gone).
Here is a school prospectus from Moranedd days:

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This rare document was sent by Angie Bhatia. It belonged to a family friend the late Daisy Murcott (who may or may not have been a Blencathra girl). Daisy followed her father Alfred Murcott into an international trading business and she was very committed to animal welfare.

If it had not been for Daisy holding on to the prospectus for many years, and Angie taking the trouble to send it here to Rhyl Life, the document may have been consigned to oblivion. The two ladies have done Rhyl history a favour.

My thanks and best wishes to Angie and her husband in Birmingham.

The following references are added here for indexing purposes:
Alexander principal, Hiley head, Haselden violin, Bartholemew piano, Hutchings painting, Coulter elocution, Broom dancing, Byrne gymnastics sports, Bishop of St Asaph, Archdeacon Lloyd Rhyl, Wycliffe Goodwin, Anson Alexandra Hospital, Moreton Pritchard, Madocks Denbigh, Fair St Asaph, Eyton St Asaph, Kelly Rhyl, F J Gamlin.