Saturday, 9 July 2016


A55 at Pantasaph

The future relationship between the UK and the European Union remains in a fog – and so do the possible alternatives.

There are countries, including Switzerland and Iceland, trading freely with the European Union without having to accept EU laws, but they DO have to accept free movement of people.

[I don’t know why the UK fails to understand that labour is a moveable commodity. Great Britain had no difficulty in grasping the principle when buying captive African people and selling them as slaves.]

Now the proposed message from the UK to prospective new partners overseas sounds like, “We intend to make big profits selling goods and services to you, but your people can’t come and live and work here.”


Anti-EU activist Mr. Farage has resigned from his political party UKIP and slipped away into the fog before Leave voters realise he sold them a pup.

Leanne Wood, leader of Plaid Cymru, has envisaged a redesigned UK with Wales, England, Ireland, and Scotland as independent entities. Sounds good to me.

Meanwhile the rush to become less British is on.

A friend has a Liverpool-French wife who is trying to get French nationality for the whole family so the two sons could keep their EU passports. The Irish Embassy is rushed off its feet with applications for Irish citizenship (the Republic is not leaving the EU no matter what the UK does).

One or two Welsh businesses are rumoured to be considering Ireland a possible place for relocation. Some businesses in the North of England, with an eye on the future, are said to be wondering whether to move to Scotland.

Nobody knows what to do for the best. The fog has descended.

Illustration: Fog on the A55 at Pantasaph (Daily Post, 2015).