Friday, 1 July 2016


Illustration: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance 'The Continental' in the film 'The Gay Divorcee' (1934).

Correspondence about the UK referendum continues to arrive here at Jones Towers.

Opinions are mixed,but the general feeling is that if the 'Leave the EU' campaign had been left to the arrogant, beer-swilling Mr. Farage and his whirly-eyed friends they would have lost.

High profile Conservatives, notably Boris Johnson, were responsible for tipping the balance in favour of leaving. Since then Mr. Johnson has been forced out of the race to be Prime Minister. [Well well . . . and there was I thinking that I would never have reason to be grateful to Michael Gove for anything.]

The ‘Exit’ negotiations between the UK and the EU have to begin but, as I said in Rhyl Life before the referendum, there would still need to be an ‘Exit’ Bill put to the House of Commons for debate. It is important to remember that at present most MPs are against the idea of leaving.

If such a Bill failed to get majority support in the Commons it could not be enacted at all. If the Bill did get through and subsequently needed approval by the regional governments in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, the Scots would kill it stone dead.

PM David Cameron would have known all this when he called for a referendum; his political advisers would have told him so.

A Bangor student has emailed Rhyl Life saying that old people should not have been allowed to vote because younger people don’t have the same fear of foreigners. Hmmmm. I do have empathy with a correspondent offering the opinion that there are too many people around here whose bodies are in Wales but their heads are in England.

Clearly the referendum has been very divisive and has settled nothing.