Wednesday, 25 November 2015


During school days Press My Hat In is what I used to call Prestatyn which is 4 miles I mean 6 kilometres away from Rhyl and not a town I know well.

aerial view

The undated image above has a comforting Rhyl echo in the form of William Roberts coal merchants.

Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

Summer visitors tend to regard Rhyl and Prestatyn as almost the same place. From Prestatyn Holiday Camp (the one with the tower) here is a shot of the ballroom on a card postmarked 1959:


What lovely dresses and suits! Here, have a couple of badges:


Recently Prestatyn High Street was shortlisted in the Great British High Street contest, in the coastal category. Below: an early picture looking up the street and a later pic looking downwards:


Who remembers The Royal Lido ballroom and swimming pool complex? This is a card postmarked 1974:

Anybody for Y Ffrith? The first of the following is a card postmarked 1937 and is interesting for its changing rooms/tents:

Yes I know, Rhuddlan Borough Council ruined the Ffrith. Don't start.

Since then Prestatyn has overtaken Rhyl as a regional shopping centre and the underlying rivalry has re-surfaced and made this 1995 soccer programme look prophetic:

The above was compiled by Ian Johnson. In 2000-2005, Ian and I worked side by side at Rhyl Community Agency. He was producing programmes while I was writing Rhyl history essays.

These references are added here for indexing purposes: Prestatyn Trustee Savings Bank TSB, Prestatyn Town Football Club FC.

WED 2nd DEC 2015 UPDATE: Dave Williams writes that Ian Johnson died about four years ago, circumstances not known.

TUE 18th JUL 2017 UPDATE: More undated pix - Prestatyn Holiday Camp / Royal Lido / Y Ffrith Pleasure Beach / Promenade.

SAT 13th JAN 2018 UPDATE:

Every time I meet a certain Prestatyn resident he delights in reminding me that The Rolling Stones appeared at the Royal Lido Ballroom, Prestatyn, but not in Rhyl.

And every time I reply, "Really? I never knew that."