Sunday, 15 November 2015


Last Sunday I posted the following photo which was taken not long ago. It shows an exterior wall plaque dated 1855. The question: Where in Rhyl would you find this plaque?
The answer: Grange Hotel.
To be precise, on the east wing of the derelict Grange Hotel, East Parade. Thanks to Dave Williams for the photo.


Also I posted a slightly-masked image of a cafe that is no longer with us. The question: Where in Rhyl would you have found this cafe?

The answer: Open Air Bathing Pool aka 'The Baths' on the prom.

The cafe (Osborne's) was at the end nearest to the pier. Nice piece of 1930s art deco. Pity it did not survive. Here is the image un-masked:

The picture is from Flintshire Record Office.


Scoring 1 win by getting the correct answers to both questions are The Great Gareth, and George Owen MBE who is making his debut in this series of the quiz. For George the Grange question was easy because one of his ancestors, a Mr. Griffiths, lived there when it was a house named Bod Dounan.



Last Friday evening in Paris supporters of Islamic State (IS) killed more than 120 people. President Hollande described it as an act of war. I don’t know what he would describe his country’s recent bombing of IS in Syria as an act of.

France and Britain have in common that they are countries that used to have an empire. In the past they were able to carry out acts of extreme military aggression in faraway countries without suffering retaliation, but not anymore.

When our leaders take sides in conflicts further afield because of our joint-membership of NATO with United States of America they must know that we European citizens - and possibly our future generations - become targets for revenge.


This week Jones Towers received quite a varied batch of correspondence including an email about a Parliamentary child trafficking ring‏ of the 1990s and a Christmas card. Life goes on.