Thursday, 12 November 2015


Here are some sights that greeted me this week as I walked into town. Firstly, in Kings Avenue: a notorious litter hot spot has flared up again opposite the G.P.'s surgery:

A couple of hours later when I passed the pile was even higher. When such problems recur in same places, the same people are likely to be responsible. I would support the idea of police detection methods being used to trace them and then maximum penalties applied - including a prison sentence if necessary.


In Wellington Road: the window has been kicked in at KFC only yards from the police station. From time to time other businesses suffer the same fate:


Whatever the circumstances in this case, alcohol is very often a factor in these incidents. The stuff is too cheap and too easy to obtain. Councils and governments should clamp down on the alcohol industry.


In High Street: a beggar outside the White Rose Centre. He is one of several regulars on the mooche.

Persistent begging is compulsive behaviour and not based on need. Projects in and near Rhyl town centre have been set up in support of problematic people. These projects draw in more of the same kind of clients and they need to be closed down.


It gives me no pleasure to publish pictures like these, but for a long time I've been watching the town committing suicide by lousy housing policies and dubious 'community' strategies. Rhyl is failing. 

The message to our elected representatives is: GET TOUGHStop your pandering to litter louts, vandals and tramps. You won't restore the social balance, business confidence or the town's dignity by letting things carry on this way.


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