Monday, 20 April 2015


More files of the late Glyn Rees were delivered last week to Jones Towers by Glyn's daughter Janine and her husband Gareth. Here from one of them is an advert dated 1879 for D. Trehearn, stationer and music publisher at Stationers' Hall, 165 and 166 Wellington Road, Rhyl.

Currently Wellington Road has low numbers near High Street, but at that time it was numbered the other way round. So the position of the building in the advert is where Typhoon Thai Restaurant and Better Buys are in the two photos below:

Birmingham Arms

Glyn's notes say that to the left (west) of D. Trehearn's shop was the Birmingham Arms pub. J.W. Jones' book Rhyl The Town And Its People confirms that the pub was indeed located where P.A. Thomas & Son is shown above.

Peter says:
"D. (David) Trehearn was an uncle of my grandfather P.T. (Phil) Trehearn. David was a chapel organist and first publisher of many Welsh songs, a buyer and seller of Rhyl properties, and a commissioner - a kind of councillor before councils were invented."


Some of my old blog posts have become corrupted and one has been lost. It contained three convent school photos from Diana Davies (was Diana Nicholas) who lives in Canada. 
Fortunately the missing pictures are included in slideshows on my YouTube channel. If you wish to see the slideshows please click on the links below. 

St Mary's Convent School, Rhyl:

Convent School, Rhyl - more pix


MON 20th FEB 2017 UPDATE: Re David Trehearn, here is the inside back cover of his publication The Album Of Rhyl Views. The date is circa 1880 by which time the business was called Trehearn & Ainsworth (still at same address).
For ‘leaving Photographers’ read ‘leading Photographers’:

David Trehearn

Interesting to note the existence of Trehearn’s Fine Art & Fancy Depot at 61 High Street presumably owned by David as well. The business would have been on part of the site where Poundland is now - unless the street has been renumbered since then!