Monday, 13 April 2015


This card is a reproduction of a poster. The card was published, probably in the 1980s, by Clwyd County Council. Last year while this blog was hibernating, there was a proposal to bring a hovercraft service back to Rhyl.

In 1962 during the hovercoach trials I was 16 years old and remember seeing crowds on the prom watching over the sea wall. I don’t remember actually seeing the craft myself – would have been in too much of a hurry to get round the arcades and down to the fun fair.

At 16, it is uncool to stand in a crowd gawping at something. Right?

The trials lasted only a few weeks, and the hovercoach ran only between Rhyl and the Wirral. Now, more than half a century later, given Rhyl's reduced status in the tourism industry, it seems doubtful that such a short route would be viable.

In Victorian times, steam ships operated between Liverpool, Mostyn, Rhyl and Llandudno; they were owned by private companies that survived on their own profits. These days transport companies expect huge subsidies from public bodies and would want a lot of money up front.

Not surprisingly, talks about the current proposal have stalled on the funding issue.

Meanwhile, there is a website that would tell you more about the 1962 trials than you ever wanted to know:

And there is a relevant British Pathé newsreel item on YouTube: