Friday, 24 April 2015


Q: What brings people to Rhyl? A: Sunshine. When the sun comes out, people come in from the holiday camps and down from the villages into Rhyl town centre and onto the seafront.

The general street market that departed recently from High Street would have brought no more shoppers than it deterred. Personally, I tended to avoid it. [The original proposal had been for a specialised local produce and local arts & crafts market.]

Now there is a new proposal to introduce stalls into Market Street which bears that name not because the street used to be a market place but because in Victorian times it was the way from High Street to a Market Hall at back of the Town Hall.

Having stalls at back of the Town Hall, in Town Hall Square (pictured above), is also part of the new proposal. Three or four years ago that was tried but eventually the stalls were denied access. We seem to be going round in circles.

A moving force behind the new proposal is Raymond Worsnop who has shown such determination to squeeze money out of Rhyl in various ways that he been likened to Aunty Wainwright in Last Of The Summer Wine.

Mr. Worsnop’s company, Community Events And Market, was registered at his home address in Marine Drive. According to Companies House, the company began life in 2011 as Rhyl Community Events And Market, and in 2013 the word Rhyl was dropped from its name.

In February 2014 the company was dissolved.


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