Thursday, 9 April 2015


Here are photographs from Val Lovibond's album of Arcville College, Rhyl, dated April 1951. 

Above: Outside the school's front door are, left to right, in the back row: Mrs. Fletcher and Miss Pink; in the front row: Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Pearson the proprietor, and Mrs. Williams.

Below (upper picture): 11-year olds with Mrs. Williams. In the all-girls line of pupils standing, Val is sixth from the left.
In the mix are Michael Webber, Peter Fardoe, Heather Stamford, Chico Owen and Moira Jones.

Above (lower picture): Mrs. Williams' Maths Class. Note the serious looks.

Below (upper picture): Mrs. Fletcher's Art Class.
Below (lower picture): Mrs. Fletcher's Gymnastic Class with hanging boys.

The Arcville building, 87 Russell Road, is now Dolanog care home as shown below, photographed yesterday by Yours Truly. 

Arcville College

I would like to know how the school got the name Arcville. There is an Arcville Playgroup at Tynewydd Church, but I have never seen the name used anywhere outside Rhyl. 

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