Sunday, 26 April 2015


Last Sunday I posted this nice old image of the prom, but how old is it?
The question was: Would the nearest date be 1890, 1900 or 1910?

The answer: 1910.
You could have arrived at that conclusion in more than one way. The biggest clue is that the Pavilion wasn’t there until 1908.

Also I posted a Rhyl scene, circa 1940.
The question was: What is the name of the avenue/road/street?

The answer: Tynewydd  Road.
Here is the full picture with the caption restored:

You needed to get both answers right to score a win, and the winners are Richard & Ceri Swinney, Jane Shuttle, Dorothy Jones, The Great Gareth.

In this new series of the quiz, nobody has scored ten wins yet so there is still time for new players to catch up!

WED 17th MAY 2017 UPDATE: In the image of the prom you can see on your right the Boer War Memorial (sometimes called Memorial Statue or Soldier's Memorial). Here is a closer view.