Tuesday, 7 July 2009


This is further to previous posts on 25 April (THE GIRLS) and 8 May (FILM STARS) about stills that I had extracted from a home movie. This evening a lady named Penny and her brother Philip came to visit me here at Jones Towers and we watched the film together.

Penny is shown above as she appears in the film. Philip suspects that he may be in a couple of sequences as well – subject to further investigation. The sequences in which Penny appears were made in the summer of 1960 just after she left school.

The photographer was a Mr. Phillips who was connected with Granada TV, Manchester, and the purpose was to provide footage for what would become an official promotional film (or advert) for Rhyl.

The dresses came from an upmarket place named The Spot at 121 Wellington Road, which was next to the Catholic Church (the shop now occupied by TK Music) and the girls were allowed to keep them.

Thanks, Penny and Philip. Jolly nice to meet you both!