Sunday, 5 July 2009


Being a fan of the author, the late P.G. Wodehouse, I treasure the story of Lord Emsworth getting a visit to his stately home by a little Cockney girl. Lord Emsworth asks her if she would like to take something for her baby brother.

‘Could he ‘ave some flarze?’ says the little girl.

‘Certainly, certainly, certainly. By all means,’ says the kindly Lord, ‘What is flarze?’

The butler comes to his rescue: ‘I think the young lady means flowers, your Lordship.’

All this has nothing to do with the pictures. They show the council-owned Royal Floral Hall and its gardens. The Floral Hall opened in 1959 on the eastern promenade (opposite Bath Street) and helped to justify the advertising slogan 'Rhyl – the Floral Resort’.

Eventually the building passed into private hands for a while as Butterfly Jungle. It was demolished in the early 1990s.

[This reference is added here for indexing purposes: bird aviary.]