Thursday, 8 September 2016


Roller skating is always good for a laugh unless you're the one underneath a pile-up. Costumes may not be an accurate guide to the date of this item, but the venue would be either the Queens in West Parade or the Olympia Skating Rink in Wellington Road. The back of the card holds no clue:

The following Marine Lake item tickled my ribs. Not only are some of the buildings in the background sketched by hand, the picture is captioned accidentally as Morville Lake:

Is this where the Morville Hotel used to brew its beer? Only joking!!

Years ago the Morville seemed a disreputable place. The name was changed to the Fiorenzo Cazari Hotel. Now I read that the present proprietor, a qualified solicitor, has been jailed for trying to pervert the course of justice:

TUE 22nd NOV 2016 UPDATE: Daily Post reports that the Fiorenzo Cazari Hotel has been closed down because of unsafe electrical wiring.