Saturday, 24 September 2016


Photo: Russia Today TV

I am writing this on the day Jeremy Corbyn MP has been elected as leader of the UK Labour Party for second time by a big margin.

The official position of the Labour Party is that UK is better off in the European Union – and I agree – but can the Party be trusted on this issue?

In early 1970s when Britain was debating whether to join the EU I recall hearing many Labour politicians and trade union leaders denouncing the EU as a conspiracy of big business.

Since then, even though being in Europe has brought us prosperity and better protection of workers' rights, I suspect there still may be a lingering anti-EU undercurrent in Labour.

Wales needs a stronger economy and more private sector jobs. That is more likely to happen inside Europe than out, and that’s why the more trustworthy pro-EU party Plaid Cymru gets my vote.

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