Thursday, 15 September 2016


Although the name Bradfield House does not spring readily to mind when considering Rhyl hotels, boarding houses and guest houses, it must have been a serious player to have put its name on this multiview card.

At the time of the card – 1950s I suppose – Bradfield House was offering full board at £2.20 per week. It offered winter residence at cheaper rates. There was garage space for 50 cars.

The card is a reminder that the part of promenade opposite Abbey Street was once called Abbey Gardens, and the original paddling pool to your left of the old Pavilion was the Children's Lake.

Seeing Rhuddlan Castle covered with ivy reminds me that my father, who lived close to the castle at the time, was one of the workforce engaged to remove the ivy. He said it was teeming with insects including kinds that he never saw before or after. My mother agreed.

Bradfield House has long disappeared. The address 48 West Parade is now - guess what - a block of flats. It is between Abbey Street and the present barren waste at the top of John Street.


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