Wednesday, 14 September 2016


book publication

The above publication has been around for more than 40 years and at last has joined this blog’s Book List. It is 'Shipwrecks of North Wales' by Ivor Wynne Jones. Pictured is the first edition published in 1973 (there are more recent editions).

The main body of the book is split into geographical or nautical areas: Cardigan Bay, Caernarfon Bay South, Caernarfon Bay North, Holyhead, and eastwards in stages to Liverpool Bay which includes Rhyl.

Our famous sunken submarine the Resurgam gets a mention and there is an account of the hovercraft being rescued by Rhyl Lifeboat Anthony Robert Marshall. From a map in the book, this detail covers wreck locations nearest to Rhyl: 

[The following names of vessels are added here for indexing purposes: St Olaf, Dido C, Richard, Eagle, Four Brothers, Ocean Queen, Conways Pride, Polly, Mary Ann, Fawn, Oriental, Thomas, Mary, Jane Mary, Temperance, Lady Stuart, William Henry, Raven, William, Jane, Glynne, Friends, Caroline, Cherokee, Lord Blayney, John Welsh.] 

'Shipwrecks Of North Wales' is illustrated with many maps and photos, a bibliography, lists of ships and an index. It is a thorough piece of work and very readable.

Ivor Wynne Jones is author of several books including others about North Wales. Click anywhere on the following link to see them on Amazon: