Sunday, 29 May 2016



Last Sunday I posted the above; the card's postmark seems to be 1913. The picture shows a Rhyl scene after snow. The question: In what road/street was the photographer standing?

The answer: Wellington Road.
Prominent on your right is what was then called North Wales Hotel, later North Wales Inn, and now just The North. The pillar box on your left is on corner of Water Street where the post office was built eventually. 
[Pic from the collection of the late Peter Adams.]

Also posted was the photo below taken in April this year of a Rhyl scene with a place name blanked out. The question: What is the connection between the missing place name and a railway?

The answer: Llys Yr Wyddfa = Snowdon Court = Snowdon Mountain Railway.
[Photo by Fred Burns.]

Scoring 1 win for Wellington Road and 1 win for Snowdon: Sue Handley 2, The Great Gareth 2, Jane Shuttle 2.


The photo below of a notice in the former Rhyl & District Labour & Social Club, Bodfor Street, was sent in by Dave Williams who says it was on a wall facing you when you went through the foyer:

I wonder how many patrons paused to read it on their way to the bar.
Thanks, Dave!

The following references are added here for indexing purposes: 
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