Sunday, 22 May 2016


Crossleys the cleaners

Last Sunday I posted this undated photograph. The question: Where in Rhyl is the bus? 

The answer: High Street.
The tall building in the far background is the Woolworth/B&M building. The unit occupied by Crossleys the cleaners was until recently a shoe shop named Soled Out which currently is changing into a mixed goods shop with no name so far:

Also I posted a picture of an Edwardian scene on the sands. At centre-right is a white tent-shaped structure. The question: What is it?
The answer: Camera Obscura.
Here is the undoctored original with the name restored:

The structure had a rotating angled mirror on the roof, projecting an image of the landscape onto a horizontal surface inside - fascinating bit of hi-tech at the time!
Nudging into view far right is the minstrel pitch.
The pic is from the collection of the late Peter Adams.

Scoring 1 win for High Street and/or 1 win for Camera Obscura: Dilys Bagnall 2, The Great Gareth 2, Jane Shuttle 2, Sue Handley 1.