Sunday, 31 January 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above photo of the locomotive 'King Arthur' at Rhyl. 
The question: Was the picture taken before or after 1960?

The answer: Before 1960.

Partly obscured by the engine is the platform sign for the Vale of Clwyd line which closed down in 1955. The ‘King Arthur’ was well named because its route went through one of the areas where legendary King Arthur of Round Table fame is said to have operated.


Also I posted a couple of photographs taken recently by Yours Truly.

The question: What are the names of these places?

The answer: St. Helens Place (TOP) and Wellington Terrace.

I was standing at the elbow of St. Helens Place (looking towards High Street). The alley also has entrances/exits in Bodfor St and Kinmel St.

Wellington Terrace is off Wellington Road between Wellington Community Centre and The Royal Oak pub.


Scoring 1 win for the 'King Arthur' question and 1 win for the pair of place names:

Richard & Ceri Swinney 2, The Great Gareth 2, Sue Handley 2, Jane Shuttle 2 and Dilys Bagnall 2.


DEAR ME! (1)

The Co-operative Bank, Bodfor Street, Rhyl, which figured in last week's quiz is preparing to close down. You would find the why and wherefore in Daily Post:


DEAR ME! (2)

Pavilion Court, 27-29 East Parade, Rhyl, has two Ls in its street sign! Please click on the following picture to see a bigger version.

East Parade