Sunday, 3 January 2016


The photo below was taken on Saturday 12th December 2015 by Yours Truly. It was the opening day of a new cafe in White Rose Centre, High Street, Rhyl. The cafe is named Thyme Out and you would find it sandwiched (sorry!) between RhylCreate crafts/art shop and the Thomas Cook travel agency:

The proprietors of Thyme Out are Scott & Diane Bebbington; they live near Conwy and have previously operated a cafe in Llandudno. My pal Jill, a serious member of Rhyl's cafe society, showed early interest.


Also in December a branch of Scrivens opticians arrived in High Street between W.H. Smith and the entrance to White Rose Centre, in the unit recently vacated by phones4U:

Inscribed in the stonework high above the Scrivens is Victoria Buildings 1821. This is suspected to be the site of  (or close to the site of) one of Rhyl's first hotels: Burke's Hotel, proprietor Dominic Burke. 


Above: Did you know that we have 'kitesurfing' in Rhyl? In this sea sport you zip along on a surfboard while hanging on to a kite. Rhyl is ideal for this. The headquarters (school and club house) is at the side of the Sun Centre. More information here:


During the Christmas/New Year break all 202 of last year's blog posts were checked. Some of these and many older posts were re-edited in some way with text or pictures replaced or added. I am still keen to track down factual errors in dates and in the spelling of names & places so do let me know if you spot any!

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