Sunday, 24 January 2016


Last Sunday I posted the above face which is on the exterior of a building - not to be confused with the face in Question # 113 about the corner of High St and Wellington Rd. 
The question: Where in Rhyl would you find three identical faces like this?

The answer: Bodfor Street.
They are above windows on The Co-operative Bank.
Click on this picture to see a bigger version:


Also I posted the following image of the prom to the west of Rhyl Pavilion. The white building just left of centre is Coliseum Theatre; the picture was taken before it was roofed in 1960. 
The question: What is the name of the street at bottom right of the pic?

The answer: John Street.
Coliseum was opposite Abbey Street.

Scoring one win for the faces answer and/or one win for the street name: Jane Shuttle 2, The Great Gareth 2, Sue Handley 1.


Do you like my new mousemat?

Eat your heart out, Bill Ellis!

Well, not really. Much as he would appreciate the pin-up, Bill finds the world of computers quite resistible. He is a pen and paper and steam typewriter man.

MON 5th MAR 2018 UPDATE: The Co-op Bank pictured above closed in Spring 2016. The building has been derelict since then. Here is an image from an old postcard (undated) showing its original use as Albion Hotel:

Co-operative Bank

This pic reveals that the building was not originally white. Alfred Hawkes is named as proprietor; at other times it was D. Lloyd, also an unfortunate Henry Radcliffe who was declared bankrupt in July 1870.