Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Above is another beautifully detailed interior shot by Rhyl photographer Rae Pickard taken probably in the 1920s. This one shows the dining room of the Monica Hotel which stood on the corner of Water Street and West Parade (the Rosy O'Grady's/Honey Club corner).

[The dining room may have outlived the hotel and been the forerunner of the Esplanade Restaurant - one of West Parade's upstairs eateries.]

The entire building has been demolished to make way for an announced, and re-announced and re-announced, long-awaited hotel. The following photo of the corner was taken a couple of weeks ago by Yours Truly:

On the same day the former Ocean Beach Fun Fair site (currently named Marina Quay) was still in a similar state of limbo despite the announced, and re-announced and re-announced, long-awaited development.

This week over in East Parade the remains of the burnt-out Grange Hotel have been cleared. Round the corner in St. Asaph Street the Grange's rather nice archway has survived - so far.


may be fake

Recently on Internet this signed drawing by L.S. Lowry was up for auction. We know Lowry holidayed in Rhyl with his Mum more than once but this drawing of the Pavilion is not well known.

There were clearly doubts about its authenticity; after 12 bids it sold for £588. Rhyl artist Judith Samuel commented, "If it is genuine then it's really cheap. If not then it's really expensive!"