Thursday, 11 June 2015


From Val Lovibond comes this photo taken in 1952 at Christ Church School in Vaughan Street.

Standing next to their project How Gas Is Made which includes a model of Rhyl Gas Works are (left to right) Val's brother-in-law John Lovibond who became an architect, then a Don't know, then J. Armstrong and then Keith Roberts. Keith became a pharmacist; his shop was in High Street where Lloyds Pharmacy is now.

So we have three out of four names but what about the fourth man? Who is that lad 2nd from left - does anybody know?

Colin Jones / email:



High Street alterations continue to cause disruption, but how nice it is to be able to walk in the middle of the road at the lower end which has never been pedestrianised.
Pity to let the cars back in permanently. A short traffic-only underpass between Russell Road and Wellington Road would allow pedestrianisation of the whole street.
Shops in the pedestrianised part of High Street seem to have fared better than shops at the lower end where traffic has been permitted.