Monday, 8 June 2015


Rhyl Pavilion (1908-1974) pictured above on a card dated 1921 figures often in this blog. The big dome was a landmark and an emblem of the town. Not much else could be said in favour of the place.

We lost Rhyl Pavilion because keeping it up to rising standards of comfort and safety and in a good state of repair would have cost county council too much money. Same applied in the case of our pier and still applies to council-owned attractions.

Now the Sun Centre has become a liability and has to go. 

Councils can get grants from higher authorities to create new things but maintenance costs have to be found locally, and there is a limit to how much council tax payers would tolerate before turning up at county hall brandishing pitchforks.

If you are not a council tax payer spare a thought for those who are.

We may be waving goodbye to the Sun Centre but the adjacent Pavilion Theatre looks likely to remain and be re-clad and re-modelled, whatever that means. Thanks to Cheryl Evans for supplying the following pix:

Here is a link to the Pavilion’s forthcoming shows. See if anything tickles your fancy. Remember – use it or lose it!