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Rhyl promenade

Eve Gilkes (was Eve Hubbard) writes, “During WW2 my family moved to Rhyl. We lived in 5 Knowles Avenue.
     “My brother Lynden Hubbard went to Pendyffryn House School. My elder sister Lynne went to Southlawn School in Brighton Road until I started at Christ Church school in Vaughan Street, then she came with me to Christ Church School.
     “The above photo of me 
was taken in 1941 on Rhyl seafront by a street photographer. They would take your photo without you asking; they just took it as you walked along, and then ask if you wanted it. My Mum must have been with me and bought it from him. 

Open Air Bathing Pool

"Mum used to take us to Marine Lake Fun Fair and Ffrith Beach for picnics, and to Prestatyn where we climbed the mountain and had picnics there too. We used to catch the bus. This was in the 1940's
     "In Rhyl the swimming baths on the prom were fantastic. American servicemen, G.I.s used to hang out there.The above photo was taken in 1942 at the baths.
     "I am kneeling in the centre with Lynden on your right of me and Wynne on left. Nearest to the camera is my younger sister Judy.
     "On right of the picture, looking at the camera, is Rita Booth. She was the daughter of our next door neighbour in Knowles Avenue.
     "Those hand knitted bathing costumes looked good whilst you were dry, but once wet in the pool became heavy and almost fell off with the weight of the water!"

Randolph Turpin

Just for good measure Eve throws in the above snap taken in Llandudno on the Great Orme, outside Randy's Bar part-owned by champion boxer Randolph Turpin who was the licensee from 1952 to 1961.

Thanks for sharing family memories Eve, and thanks to Dilys Bagnall for the booklet from which the following images were taken:

Randolph Turpin


If you wish to read about Randy Turpin in Wikipedia please click here:

SAT 15th JUL 2017 UPDATE: Origin of Randy's Bar - Telegraph Hotel, Gt. Orme's Head, Llandudno on a card postmarked 1910.