Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Rhyl became renowned for its sands before we had man-made attractions. The salty images below have found their way here to Jones Towers in the last few months.

The first is a reproduction by Clwyd Record Office of a real photo showing Rhyl Beach circa 1910, followed by a couple of undated items.

Then we have a steps card postmarked 1956 (which I discovered too late has appeared before in this blog). The picture is significant - it illustrates the extension of Rhyl promenade to the Prestatyn boundary, which opened in 1951.

Finally - just as comedians like to finish with a song – I like to finish with a donkeys picture. Enjoy!


The chap in the blue top looks familiar. Can anybody put a name to him?



Our new post office is destined to be part of a shop named Pen2Paper
in High Street and should be ready soon. The photo below was taken yesterday by Yours Truly from main entrance to White Rose Centre.

Game, Pen2Paper Post Office, Costa

Last I heard the counter staff at Water Street P.O. were not transferring. They were not willing to accept the less favourable conditions and lower pay on offer at this new place. Good luck to them wherever they go.


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