Sunday, 31 May 2015


Last Sunday I posted the above photos taken by Yours Truly.
The question: In what street/road/avenue was I standing?

The answer: Epworth Road.

I was standing in Epworth Road with my back to Ffordd Derwen, photographing the entrances to Gurnard Place (picture on your left) and Merton Place.

On the same day I posted seven statements marked A to G.
The question: Which TWO of the statements were false.

The answer: C and E.

C - Church Street was called Westminster Street. No! This is false, but a long time ago it was called Sea Street.
E - Marsh Road was sometimes known as Tip Lane. Rubbish! I made it up, but Marsh Road was sometimes known as Parsons Lane.

The statements that are true came from a Rhyl History Club document in files of the late Glyn Rees.

With one win for getting the photos answer right, and one for each false statement, the scores are:
Richard & Ceri Swinney 2, The Great Gareth 3, Jane Shuttle 1 and Sue Handley 2.