Wednesday, 20 May 2015


During the General Election some eyebrows were raised at my support for winning candidate Dr. James Davies (shown below in a Daily Post photo). A friend remarked, “What’s an old leftie like you doing supporting a Tory?”

Vale of Clwyd

Just for the record I am neither a leftie nor a rightie. In my opinion James was the best candidate, and it was time for the winds of change to blow. For decades the Labour Party has dominated Rhyl and failed to defend the town against unsuitable changes.

When I was born, Clement Attlee (shown below) was Prime Minister. His Labour government established the National Health Service. (The NHS was not exclusively a Labour Party idea, nor was the concept of creating council houses.)

Later Labour governments led by Harold Wilson and James Callaghan were short-lived. From 1997 to 2007 we had Tony Blair, the first Labour prime minister to look and sound like a middle-class Conservative, which may have accounted for his electoral success. 

In General Elections I was a Labour voter until Mr. Blair conned us into joining America’s illegal invasion of Iraq, which de-stablilised Arab countries and led to a war that could last a thousand years. 

Then came the Labour government led by Gordon Brown (above) which is too recent to require any comment. Now, having lost the 2015 General Election the Labour Party is casting around for a new leader and possibly a new reason to exist at all.

If the new all-Conservative government continues to work in the interests of ordinary working people, especially the working poor, I would continue to vote Conservative.

And if James Davies MP works to maximise Rhyl's potential as a resort and stop the decline in key residential parts of the town I would continue to support him.



Recently on eBay the following photo was up for sale. It was accompanied by no information. The background does not look like Rhyl.
Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Ex-Ocean Beach Fun Fair worker David Thomas thinks the cargo may be Weston's Paratrooper ride or similar. Does anybody wish to contribute further on this matter?

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