Sunday, 10 May 2015


Rhyl Gardens

Last Sunday I posted this picture of Rhyl Gardens.
The question: Where were they?
     A - On the promenade opposite East Parade;
     B - In Grange Road near Botanical Gardens;
     C - On the prom opposite West Parade; or
     D - In Wellington Road near Palace Avenue?

The answer: C – On the prom opposite West Parade.
They would have been nearly opposite the junction with Water Street. The picture looks very early 1900s, probably before the Pavilion opened to your left of the scene in 1908.

The patch was known at various times as Rhyl Gardens, Pavilion Gardens, Pleasure Gardens, Marine Gardens, and on one postcard as simply The Gardens. Another name for it was Promenade Gardens but this name was used also for other parts of the prom (which used to be lawned in places).

In the late 1940s on the patch in question a roller skating rink was built and it remained there until 1991.

Also I posted the following photo in which a street sign was blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name?
The answer: Vezey Street.

Having both answers right to score a win, the winners are: Sue Handley, Jane Shuttle, Richard & Ceri Swinney, Dorothy Jones and The Great Gareth. These players are all doing well, and we have two other scorers. Everybody is welcome to join in!