Sunday, 24 May 2015


Talbots, George Mason

Last Sunday I posted the above Rhyl image, 1950s probably, from the collection of the late Glyn Rees. To your right of the scene would be a pub.
The question: What was the name of the pub at that time OR what is its name now?

The pair of buildings is in High Street, and here is the scene earlier this month during road works, and underneath is the pub in question:

Silver's Cafe, Flyers

So the answer is:The New Inn or O’Grady’s Irish Bar.
The Great Gareth remembers it also as The Kestrel. It may have had other names too.

On the same day I posted this photo which had a street sign blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name? 

The answer is: Gwynfryn Avenue.

Having both of the answers right and scoring a win are The Great Gareth, Richard & Ceri Swinney, Jane Shuttle, Dilys Bagnall, Dorothy Jones, Sue Handley, and a new player in this series: Robert Scott.

Robert Scott writes, "Another reason for my contacting you is to ask if you or any of your readers have ever heard of 'The Cletty Hotel' in Rhyl.
     "I am aware that there is a Lletty Hotel on Coast Road, Mostyn and realise that my enquirer could have made a transcribing error but he was convinced the Cletty was a Rhyl Hotel."

Who can say something about this?

[These names of businesses are added here for indexing purposes: Talbots shop, George Mason shop, Silvers Cafe, Flyers shop.]