Wednesday, 8 September 2010


The Skytower opened on Rhyl promenade in 1989. It had originated at a garden festival in Scotland; we bought it for around £825,000 (not a bad price bearing in mind we’ve had 21 years of use so far). The revolving cabin rises to a height of about 240 feet/73 metres.

The following photographs were sent by George Owen. They were taken by John Price during the erecting of the tower. John is an ex-Pilkingtons employee who went to work for a small local plant hire company. The pictures are unique; we’ve never seen them before.

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

And to bring us up to date, here below is a photo taken in April 2010 by Yours Truly:


FRI 20th MAR 2015 UPDATE: The Skytower closed at the end of the summer season in 2010. At present there is neither a confirmed plan to
re-open it as a ride nor a plan to remove it.