Wednesday, 22 September 2010


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World War 1, World War One, First World War, The Great WarThese pictures were received some time ago. They are postcards from the collection of Ann Hayes.

At the top would be another scene from the legendary ‘Sunny Rhyl’s June Carnival 1929’ which has been the subject of previous posts. It was published by J. Smailes & Son Press Photographers of Grosvenor Avenue.

The soldiers card was published by Mr. & Mrs. Jno. Williams of Rhyl. Ann says, “I hope they weren't real soldiers as they look very young to me. The postmark is not clear but the period must be around World War 1.”

Finally, a card showing St. Thomas’ Church, Russell Road, the parish church where Ann was christened. She attended Sunday school there in the 1950s.

Nice pix! Thanks, Ann.