Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Last Wednesday's quiz was as follows:

Q: Is this Tom Wood and his Merry Men, E.H. Williams’ Merrie Men or Gilbert Rogers Jovial Jesters?

A: Gilbert Rogers Jovial Jesters.
They appeared in summer seasons from 1907 until the 1920s at the minstrel pitch on the sands opposite High Street. They were the longest-running troupe to perform there. The photo was taken within the pitch's enclosure and is dated 1914.

Q: Near the middle of the picture is a street sign blanked out. What is the missing name?

A: Eastville Avenue.

Q: Where in Rhyl would you find this scene?

A: Underneath the Vale Road Bridge (Alexandra Bridge) on the bus station side.


This week the following readers score a win for each correct answer:
Dave Rowlands THREE WINS
Dorothy Jones THREE WINS
Jane Shuttle THREE WINS
Richard & Ceri Swinney THREE WINS
Sue Handley TWO WINS
The Great Gareth TWO WINS

Overall, and for the first time,  we have co-leaders running neck and neck!
24 Jane Shuttle
24 The Great Gareth

Sue Handley, Dorothy Jones, Richard & Ceri Swinney, Geoff Hughes, Pauline Hammans and The Legendary Lloyd & Kerry have all achieved double-figure scores.
Comparatively new players Dave Rowlands and Wayne Chadwick are making rapid progress.

WED 17th MAY 2017 UPDATE: Recently arrived here at Jones Towers is this portrait of Gilbert Rogers and his Jovial Jesters without the striped blazers and straw boaters and looking almost normal. This is a card postmarked 1917.

Exactly the same personnel appear in a differing shot in Bill Ellis’ book Entertainment In Rhyl And North Wales, his being dated 1907. Working from Bill’s text, I can identify the faces above as follows:

Standing at the back, left to right: Derek Knowles, Norman Walker, Jack Jewell (Jimmy Jewell’s father, says Bill), George Gilder and Dan Brooks.

Sitting at the front (l to r): Reggie Heaton, Gilbert Rogers himself and Wilfred Knowles.