Wednesday, 22 September 2010


The postcard at the top is dated 1921 and was sent from Mabel who was staying with Mrs. Bromley, High Street, Rhyl, to a friend in Didsbury. It begins intriguingly: Dear Agnes, We did not go to Birmingham yesterday but Father drove us to Rhyl instead . . .

The card in the middle has an unclear postmark; the date would be around the same time or perhaps a tad earlier. It was written in pencil by E.C. at 28 Victoria Road, Rhyl, and sent to Mother in Macclesfield.

The final one is dated 1938 and was sent from W.B. in Rhyl to Miss Jenkins of Kensington, London, remarking on the lovely sands in Rhyl. I like to think that Miss Jenkins was adventurous enough to come eventually and see for herself.