Thursday, 16 March 2017


If scaffolding is your delight, take a trip to Queen Street, Rhyl, where the northeast side between The George Hotel and the former Savoy building is being renovated. The project is being carried out by Denbighshire council with funding supplied by Welsh Government (WG had owned most of the properties for years and done nothing useful with them).

The proposed new use is mainly retail and partly residential.

Denbighshire is in bed with Neptune Developments who are partners in the schemes involving our former Sun Centre and forthcoming Waterpark. In the council’s own words:
“Denbighshire has recently signed Heads of Terms with Neptune Developments for a comprehensive redevelopment of the Rhyl Waterfront area for which the Queens Market site (including the Queen Street premises) is included within the “extended project area”. The Council is being actively encouraged to acquire freehold properties within this extended project area to both control and influence regeneration.”

So the authorities have their beady eye on the Queen Street to High Street block, north of Sussex Street. Pity they did not act soon enough to acquire Queens Market for demolition and redevelopment as a department store. We might have been able to offer Marks and Sparks new accommodation instead of having to let them go to Prestatyn.

Oh well, never mind. Regeneration is the name of the game, not Regret. The scheme in progress is good news for Queen Street and a step forward for the town centre.

Photo taken today by Yours Truly.
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