Friday, 24 March 2017


Ten days ago I posted a couple of photos taken this year.

Question 1) Where in Rhyl would you find the above scene?
Answer: Under the H-Bridge.
Behind Rhyl Tyre & Battery Centre, 117 Marsh Road. Photo by Dave Williams. Thanks, Dave!


Question 2) Re: the photo below, where was the photographer standing?
Answer: On the H-Bridge.
Looking over the wall and across Arriva Bus Depot towards a row of derelict business units at rear of Terence Avenue.

The photographer was Yours Truly standing on tiptoe.

Colin Jones / email:

SUN 2nd JUL 2017 UPDATE: Sometimes I get asked, "How old is the H-Bridge" so here are official opening dates of the four existing vehicle bridges in Rhyl.
1855 - Vale Road Bridge aka Alexandra Bridge
1882 - Grange Road Bridge aka Gladstone Bridge
1889 - H-Bridge
1932 - Foryd Bridge