Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Attention all quizzers, quizettes and quizlings! Here are a couple of teasers. Both photos were taken this year.

Question 1) Where in Rhyl would you find the above scene?

Question 2) Re: the photo below, where was the photographer standing?

No need to send me an email - just check your answer against mine on Friday 24th March 2017 after 12 noon.



Last week I spent a pleasant afternoon in Caernarfon – my first visit in half a century – and walked round the town centre and castle and visited the offices of Gwynedd County Council. During all that time I heard only Welsh spoken except in response to my questions.

Afterwards in a cosy cafĂ© I reflected on what Y Rhyl might be like today if the railway had never arrived and how – this month – Rhyl councillors saw fit to mark St. David's Day by standing outside the railway station singing songs in English.

There are enough incongruities and things wrong in Rhyl to fill a book. Still and all, this is not the worst town in the world nor, as recent publicity announced, the worst place to live in Wales. People who think it is should take a trip to scruffbag Bangor.