Saturday, 4 February 2017


The Brexit bandwagon rolls on. Formal ‘leaving’ negotiations between UK and the rest of EU may now begin thanks to the Labour Party rolling over and playing dead dog instead of fighting to stop the process starting.

Government is stuck with the result of last year’s public referendum and feels obliged to try and leave even though leaving is a bad idea. Prime Minister Mrs. May has to find a way of leaving without actually leaving.

In recent Parliamentary debates much was said about our need to leave EU to restore our sovereignty. [Don't be fooled. That would make the British Government more powerful, not make the British public any better off.]

There is an even bigger farce on the other side of the Atlantic where Mrs. May’s ‘special friend’ President Trump has managed in a remarkably short time to aggravate half the world and bring the US and its allies (including the UK) into disrepute.

Following Mr. Trump’s antics is like watching a Family Guy special where Peter Griffin becomes the President. American houses of government are rolling over and playing dead dog instead of reining him in.