Saturday, 4 February 2017


Many mysteries here at Jones Towers such as these three images of  shops with no information to explain when or exactly where they existed. They are captioned as being Rhyl pictures and I have no reason to doubt.

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Firstly, Stott & Owen, newsagents tobacconists sweets chocolates. Something about this suggests possibly Wellington Road. Next door bears the name Westward House, and this may be a clue.

Westward House

Next is F.H. Homan, hairdresser and tobacconist. I have seen seen Mr. Homan's name in old Rhyl newspapers and wonder where the shop was. Bill Ellis thinks Kinmel Street:

Finally, Hughes's Service Café & Stores, fish & chips groceries provisions. Possibly not a town centre shop. Twist my arm and I'll say Wellington Rd or Vale Rd but I could be wrong. The width of pavement may be a clue.

fish & chips, groceries

More is known about the following picture. It was taken in 1921 in Rhyl and is a typical shot of a coach party.
Far left: love the knitted hat with pom poms.

The untypical thing is that this is neither a Brookes Bros White Rose nor a Rhyl & Potteries Primrose. It is a Royal Blue coach - a company based in the South and West of England.
Where is it parked? Rhyl west end obviously, but what street? Younger legs than mine could go and investigate.

More info about Royal Blue Coaches in Wikipedia:

TUE 7th FEB 2017 UPDATE: Gareth Morris reports that the coach was parked in Seabank Road opposite the present Rhyl Bowling Club. Thanks, Gareth! Circumstantial evidence suggests that the party was on a visit to Marine Lake Fun Fair.
On your right in the image below is the Fun Fair's first novelty ride known as the Canadian Water Chute. On your left is the spectacular Figure Eight Rollercoaster which was built where it stood in 1920, the year before the coach picture was taken.

Re: STOTT & OWEN. Mike Davies reports that the building in question is 177 Wellington Road now occupied by Coastal Homes letting agents. It is near the junction with Palace Avenue. Thanks, Mike.

THU 17th MAY 2018 UPDATE: Another mystery shop! Below is an amateur snapshot of a business named Quality Photos, slightly blurry and dated 1954.

On far right is the building number, 36. But what street – anybody know?

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