Saturday, 18 February 2017



US President Donald Trump continues to embarrass the ‘free world’ with talk of banning people and building walls. Internationally, he seems to be talking himself into a war without being sure who with.

It shows the folly of electing non­-politicians such as Mr. Trump to high political office. Businessman he may be, and media personality he may be, but politician he is certainly not.

His connections with Russia, real and imaginary, are causing alarm in the US and already there are mutterings about pressuring him to resign or removing (impeaching) him.

In my seven decades I can never remember an American President being so thoroughly disliked for so many reasons.

A list of Anti-Trump demonstrations appears in Wikipedia: https://



Extreme right-wingers within the Conservative Party, and the ‘hate’ newspapers such as Daily Mail, are trying to railroad us out of the European Union before full implications of leaving are understood by the British public.

This Brexit idea is undermining the value of the pound and eventually might destabilise our economy. Two thirds of exports from Wales go to the EU. It’s time to say, “Hell no, we refuse to leave!”

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair (not one of my favourite politicians) has at least had the guts to speak out against Leavites and try to provide a new focus for those of us who wish to remain in the EU.

We should not be conned into thinking that leaving is inevitable. People who voted Leave have a right to change their minds.

Photo of Tony Blair © The News Tribune

SUN 5th MAR 2017 UPDATE: Mrs. Petra Williams who is doing media studies says Daily Express is even more of a ‘hate’ newspaper than Daily Mail. She has got to read both of these and other rags as part of her coursework.
“After a while the relentless foreigner-bashing goes in one eye and out the other,” says Petra. "Another known offender is The Sun. Luckily I don't have to read that one as well, let us all be thankful for small mercies!"

Yes indeed, yes indeed . . .