Saturday, 19 November 2016


From Mary Gizzi via Dilys Bagnall comes this picture of staff at Grange Laundry, Grange Road, Rhyl. The date is thought to be the 1950s and – if correct  the occasion might have been a gathering to commemorate 50 years of the business (opened in 1905).
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In version below, the face under red dot is Peter Lloyd of Kingsley Ave / under yellow dot is Irene Vickers / green is (Beatrice) Frances Egerton who turned 100 in April this year.
Blue is a Mrs. Adams whose husband Fred worked for the company as a van driver / purple is Nona Jones of Williams Street / orange is Tommy Roberts known as 'Tommy Boiler' / pink is Dilys Evans of Brynhyfryd Ave.

The identifications are by Dilys Bagnall and Bill Ellis who both worked at Grange Laundry at a later date.

Dilys says, "I worked for two years on the Hoffman press. I enjoyed it but kept getting bad chests because the heat was like a greenhouse. The manager at that time was Mr. Hindley who was a lovely man. I recall Tommy Roberts (‘Tommy Boiler’) and wife Margaret and daughter Eileen.
The laundry provided a lot of work for local people and the pay was pretty good. I remember Peter Lloyd, Irene Vickers and Gwen Gill from Rhuddlan on the staff when I was there."

Bill says, "I worked at Grange Laundry from 1961 until January 1966 when I left to sell insurance for a living. As an afterthought I can add one more name: the little lady standing behind the bench, all in white with swept back hair is Bertha Hewitt - she was Peter Lloyd's auntie."

Can you, dear readers, provide more IDs?
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