Tuesday, 1 November 2016


As promised, here is a replacement for old post that went missing. 

The photo above was taken this year on a dull day by Yours Truly. It shows the position of Barclays Bank at 68-70 High Street, Rhyl. 

In days of yore at No.68 (the part next to High Street News) was Sidney G. Talbot's shop which stocked Butterick dress patterns for ladies who wished to make their own clothes.

Illustrated below, from my own collection of Rhyliana and Rhylery, is the Butterick range from August 1940, during World War 2:


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Ex-Rhylite Ann Hayes of Ruthin says of Talbot's, "I remember going there with my Mum in the 1950s. Her good friend 'Aunty' Rita worked there and I've a vivid memory of Rita standing behind the counter in a long darkish shop. I wonder if there are any photos of the interior out there. Would be wonderful to see them."
     "Rita and her husband Dixie Williams lived on Vale Road just at the junction with Brynhyfryd Avenue. Dixie worked for MANWEB as a meter reader. In late 1950s/early '60s he died of a heart attack following an accident at work.
     "They had no children so they were very kind to my sisters and I when we were little girls and always had sweets ready for us when we visited their home. I'd love to know if anyone remembers them."

Rita and Dixie Williams

Ann Hayes adds, "Sewing is the new baking and is becoming more and more popular - hence the proliferation of sewing magazines in the crafts section of W.H. Smiths. I'm sure if Talbot's were still there it would have an influx of customers of the younger generation! "