Wednesday, 9 November 2016


This week Donald Trump proved that if you bellow your nonsense loudly enough and brand your opponent a criminal, you can become President of the United States.

The election result has parallels with our EU referendum result in that they reflect an upsurge in anti-establishment feeling and could lead to long periods of instability.

Mr. Trump is said to be an admirer of Vladimir Putin and believes that US and Russia should work closer together. Now this is interesting.

For the seven decades of my lifetime the US has been eyeing Russian natural resources – notably oil and gas – and for strategic reasons has been trying to undermine Russia and vilify its leaders.

[This propaganda war ought to come to an end. Russia is geographically a European country and should be brought in from the cold.]

As for Mr. Trump, he is a businessman with little knowledge of politics. His learning curve starts now.