Thursday, 27 October 2016


There have been two series of the quiz, each ran for 80 weeks. Most weeks the ‘question’ was more than one question!

For quizmaster and players it was a fun way of absorbing information. Although the number of entrants was small, the blog’s statistics showed that a very large number of people were watching the questions and answers.

The quiz was never a level playing field – readers found out about it at differing stages. As a whole it was a stiff test of anybody’s knowledge of Rhyl past and present.

The results are all in and I have no hesitation in declaring Gareth Morris as King of the Rhyl Life Quiz:

The above photos of Gareth appeared in this blog in April 2010. I dubbed him The Great Gareth because of his high scoring rate. He was joint-winner of the first series and is clear winner of the second series.

Next are ‘the Jackson girls’. On the left in this photo – in second place – Jane Shuttle who was joint-winner of the first series and runner-up in the second. That makes her Queen of the Rhyl Life Quiz!

In third place, on your right above, is Jane’s sister Sue Handley. There has been no collusion here. Sue would have loved to beat Jane at this game!

I call Jane and Sue ‘the Jackson girls’ because their father was Douglas Jackson who worked in Pilkingtons and for a short time was landlord of Ellis's in Water Street.

In fourth place were Richard & Ceri Swinney. Richy might say “not bad for a Worcestershire man”. Interesting to note that none of the top scorers started life in Rhyl, except the following:

In fifth place Dilys Bagnall who was born at “10 Williams Street, Rhyl. Lived next door to John and Muriel Bamber who had a coal round.”


In the second series Dorothy Jones and Geoff Hughes did not play continuously but both displayed above-average ability and should be mentioned in dispatches.

Many thanks to all who took part.