Friday, 7 October 2016


This is Rhyl Sun Centre as it looked today, photographed from the car park to your left (west) of the Sun Centre by Yours Truly. Deconstruction of the famous attraction is well under way.

The Sun Centre was an indoor complex of swimming pools created by council with help from European grant aid. The main pool had tropical storm effects, and there were an indoor surfing pool and a kiddies' pool.

There were crazy novelty slides, a big wave machine, and a monorail with carriages travelling at a height round the interior of the complex. At times it had a model 'formula one' racing track, sun tan beds, restaurants and a bar with entertainment.

The Sun Centre was fabulous. Visitors flocked there and spent their money all over town.

We lost the Sun Centre for the same reasons we lost previous council- owned attractions. The novelty wore off, public interest faded, and the maintenance costs rose to an unsustainable level.

New attractions are planned for the site. Meanwhile here are some Sun Centre pictures that have not appeared previously in this blog:

FRI 11th NOV 2016 UPDATE: Recently to hand, and a rarity of sorts, a Rhyl Sun Centre badge: