Sunday, 23 October 2016


Quiz Question # 160 was the last in this second series of the quiz. It comprised the following eight questions:

1. Below is a photo taken not many years ago. The building's name has been obscured by black dots.
The question: What is the missing name?

2. Below is a group of Edwardian gentlemen and a lady outside a Rhyl building.
The question: What is the name of the building?

3. Below is a shot taken in January this year. On nearest side is The Bike Hub, on far side is The Harbour Hub Cafe.
The question: What is the building inbetween used for?

4. Below is a photo of unknown date taken in the London Transport area.
The question: What has it got to do with Rhyl?


Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

5. Above is a part of a photo of unknown date, obviously not recent.
The question: Where in Rhyl was it taken?

6. Above is a shot taken this year with a place name blanked out.
The question: What is the missing name?

7. Above is an image of a Crosville bus loading in High Street.
The question: Would the nearest date be 1930, 1940, 1950 or 1960?

8. The above is part of a photograph taken this year.
The question: Where in Rhyl would you see this construction?


1.  The Abbey Vaults (in Abbey Street). Photo supplied by Dave Williams. Thanks Dave!

2.  The original Rhyl Pavilion. Photo was taken in 1908 on opening day. Here is the full picture; the gent in the light-coloured trilby hat would be Lord Mostyn, L.N.V. Lloyd-Mostyn the 3rd Baron Mostyn (1856-1929):

3.  Harbour Master. Behind the black dots are signs saying Harbwr Feistr/Harbour Master. Photo taken in January 2016 by Fred Burns.

4.  The white coach belonged to Brookes Bros of Rhyl. It is a Leyland Lioness with registration number DM6228.

5.  Grange Court (near Rhyl High School).

6.  The Conservatory, Botanical Gardens. Here is the picture complete with its caption:

7.  1950. The image of a bus loading in High Street is an amateur shot dated 1950.
8.  Westbourne Avenue. Here's a wider view of the construction:

Scoring 1 win for each correct answer plus 2 wins for getting all 8 right:
Jane Shuttle 10, The Great Gareth 10, Dilys Bagnall 5, Richard & Ceri Swinney 10, Sue Handley 4.