Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Above are a couple of variations on a photo that appeared on this blog years ago courtesy of John Powell. These are from an other source and labelled "LNWR Rhyl Station, up platform looking west 1925".

LNWR or L&NWR (London & North West Railway) ceased operating in 1922 so either the name of the company or the date are wrong.
John says LMS (London, Midland & Scottish Railway) 1932, and I jolly well believe him!

Here is a snapshot that includes the William Roberts coal yard (where Morrisons is now). It is undated but feels pre-World War 2 and seems to have been taken from Vale Road Bridge. Very evocative:

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Below is an unusual snap taken in 1962 during the hovercraft trials. A British United Airways employee shields his face from the wind and spray:

The following two photos from 1976-77 show lost shops in background. William Roberts' shop on your left in the first, and Woolworth's store on your left in the second.

Finally a poignant, rainy-day image dated 1981 taken on the promenade more or less opposite Quay Street. That must be a fragment of Schooner Inn on your left. I wonder who the conductor is.

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